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Crashes a lot but overall the game is great

Unable to progress

So I thought this game was going to be fun so I tried it so I was on level 10 and then the game froze and kicked me out and it restarted me and the progress then I played it again but the the game kept me from progressing. And the ads this is in the family section so it should have no ads like Toy Blast so I don’t suggest this game and please fix the problem with can’t progressing

No sound

And the volume is up, and not muted. iPad Pro 10.5 on 11.4.1...

Nope nope nope

Played for 15 seconds and BOOM 30 second advertisement. BYE FELICIA

Horrible game

Advertising pop-ups galore. Terrible

30 second ads for clunky game

This is such a low engagement game that they would be much better served with impression ads. After playing for one minute I was forced to watch a 30 sec ad for some random pay2play junk. Meh. Not classy

Ads ads ads.

Pffff ads!

Keeps crashing!!!

I don’t know why but whenever I open the app it just shows the title screen the crashes (backs out of the app). Is the game only compatible with iPhone X and 8

Why is my heli broken

The game is cute and all, but I was expecting a game with a helicopter to actually have some flying mechanics. Instead you are just flinging an object (a broken helicopter?) from platform to platform. The helicopter in this case might as well be a shoe, a frying pan, a dead cat or any other lifeless object.

Game crash

My game crashes after that my cash and my endless mode went 0 and the mode went locked, I need my cash and my mode back.

In-App Purchases AND Adds. UNINSTALL

Pick one! Either In-App purchases OR Adds. Not both. That's insulting. I love games with in-app purchasing. There's no pressure, but I can take the fast-track to easier play, or better stuff etc. for a little $$ if I choose. On the other hand, for free games without in-app purchases, I understand having a reasonable quantity of ads. But if I'm shelling out money, why would I tolerate ads?! It's too bad too, cuz I like this game. One star for a fun game. And one for in-app. Minus one for adds. Minus one for poor judgement.

It's boring




GLITCH!! Can’t get past Land 2

Per the title, I can’t slide my first from the first circle to the second in the second “level”. Stupid!

Explain and answer makers

Why can’t you actually fly I just got it today. And I’m not sayin it a bad game fuse I love it but I’m curious why doesn’t it fly the helicopter plz answer

I can’t get in!

I’ve tried a surplus of times. I go into the app, it opens, the title shows, aaaand then it shuts me out. Please fix this.


keeps crashing???


I have an iPhone 6 and the came crashes before start up screen loads. It looks cool, but currently am unable to play the game

Crash on iPhone x

I loved the game, but recently it crashes right after start :(


I can’t even play the game because it crashes everytime I try to get in

Does not work on iPhone X at all

Latest iOS. Keeps crushing.

Re-review. Did have bad pay to win system but now is very enjoyable

I wrote a review for this game when it came out and loved the concept but there was a pay to play system if you ran out of lives which at the harder levels was frequently. After the review I received a message from the games developer and was assured that the game had been updated and the flawed parts of the game had been removed or updated and asked for me to reevaluate my review. I re-downloaded the game and tried it again. I feel the game is much much better with the update. Fun to play very challenging and it’s good to see that the dev actually listened to the feedback from the players and is working to produce a good game. I’m glad to see it and I will be looking into more games from this company for sure.

Excellent Game!!

Update (v1.03): Developer has rolled back the use of ads and has made them entirely voluntary. I personally think that this is an awesome game so I’ll be buying IAP and viewing the helicopter-unlock ads to support the dev. Thank you for listening and for making an awesome, fun game! 5/5 Update: Seems the developer has changed how they’re using ads in the game. Now the ads appear on the bottom in a banner bar. I’m still surprised because I’ve made an IAP and the banner is still there. I did make the IAP before the banner was introduced so I thought maybe it just wasn’t recognized... but there’s nowhere to restore purchases that I can find. I’m starting to think that the banner ads can’t be removed? Dev, please give us an option to remove all ads!! Review changed slightly to 4/5 for what should easily be a 5/5 game! Old Review: Absolutely love this game. I enjoy it so much that I’ve even made an IAP... and the game is still showing me ads. If I spend my money the ads should be gone - period.

Fun game also local works ;)


Level 68???

Great now the wait between lives has been removed. Is level 68 even beatable? Been on that level for 3 days now.

Fun game

It's a great game to pass the time and it's very fun and easy to catch onto. The only problem is I had gems disappear and seeing as one gem is .99¢ I won't be buying any.


After crashes after crashes

Thanks for removing the attempts system

The game is really fun and the attempts system always seemed slimy to me, thank you so much for removing it. 5 stats from me.

Love this game.

That’s all!! Just download it and play


This game is broken. It crashes constantly, previously cleared levels inexplicably revert to being uncompleted again, objectives are completed but not counted and ads pop up sometimes in the middle of a jump. Not good!

Game crashes all the time

Can’t even get the game to launch


Ads 4 min into the game .... deleted l.


This is a smooth game. It grabs ya and won’t let go.


If you are going to show ads during the tutorial then you will get deleted.


Great game, very addictive now and it’s real time killer

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